The Kutamis (Moorish: ⵉⴽⵜⴰⵎⴻⵏ Iktamen) was a Moorish dynasty of the Nefzawa tribes which founded an empire spanned in a large area of North Africa, from the Red Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. It was the largest Moorish empire in extension. At its height, the empire included in addition to Mauritania varying areas of Libya, Egypt, Sardinia and Sicily. Baba Amghar of the Kutamis was proclaimed sovereign (aglid) of Carthage (909) after the overthrow of the Huwari rule in this city. His successors conquered the Zenagi state of western Mauritania (947), Sardinia (952) and the Basmuric Egypt (969).

After initial conquests the empire often exercised a degree of religious tolerance towards non-Moorish Christians (Latin Catholics, Greeks and Coptic Monophysites) as well as towards Jews. This tolerance and the almost peaceful relationship with the Moorish Kingdom of Cordova allowed the development of the Moorish culture from the Iberian Peninsula to Egypt.

Although after the Almohad conquest of Egypt (1021) the extension of the empire was significantly reduced especially with the rise of the Morabedis in western Mauritania (1062). However, the Kutami Empire survived until the Norman invasion to Sicily and Africa (1091) that fragmented it in a number of petty kingdoms vassals of the Norman kingdom of Africa.


The Kutami Empire at its greatest extent (c.1020)

List of Kutami rulers

  • Babamgar, 909–934
  • Anebdad, 934–946
  • Winifsan, 946–953
  • Agizul, 953–975
  • Igider, 975–996
  • Brahim, 996–1021
  • Aglazrur, 1021–1036
  • Yuften, 1036–1049
  • Winaruz, 1049–1060
  • Yakim, 1060–1075
  • Dawed, 1075–1084
  • Azenzer, 1084–1091

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