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Flag of Kurdistan
Official languages Kurdish
Capitals Mehabad (Legislative), Hewler (Executive) , and Amed (Judicial)
Largest City Hewler
Population 5,836,000
HDI 0.824
Republic founded
Currency Kurdistan Rial (KSR)
Our Timeline Equivalent Southeastern Turkey, northeastern Syria, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran



58% Non-Vegetarian
42% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

74% Kurdish
07% Ossetian
05% Arab
05% Oghuz Turk
03% Assyrian
02% Armenian
02% Jewish Israeli
01% Azeri
01% other


83% Kurdish
05% Ossetic
05% Turkish (including Azerbaijani)
04% Arabic
08% other


37% Yazdâni (including Yazidi and Yarsan)
19% Muslim
10% Ijtihadi
07% Sunni
02% Shi'ite
14% Alevi
12% Non-religious (agnostic and atheist)
10% Christian (Assyrian, Greek Orthodox, etc)
04% Zoroastrian
04% others (Jewish, Bahá'í, etc)

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