دولإقليم كردستان العراق

Timeline: Fatherlands
Flag of Kurdistan Coat of Arms of Kurdistan
Flag Coat of Arms
Kurdistan Map
Anthem: Ey Reqîb
Capital: Arbil
Language: Arabic, Kurdish
Ethnic group: Kurdish
Type of government: Parliamentary republics
  government: Representative democracy
President: Massoud Barzani
Prime minister: Barham Salih
Area: 450,000 km²
Population: 31,526,715 
Established: 1982
HDI: 0.731
Currency: Iraqi dinar
Time zone: GMT +3
Internet TLD: .ks
Calling code: 964
Organizations: United Nations, Arabia States Union

Kurdistan is a country in Western Asia. It gained independence from Turkey in 1982 and gain Southern territories from Iraq in 1983. Kurdistan join the Pan-Middle East Country Union in 1989, the year after the Iraq-Kurdistan War.

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