The Kulin is an Australian Aboriginal tribe in the current day province of New South Wales.

1432 Information

  • Official Name: Tribe of Kulin
  • Conventional Name: Kulin
  • Official Local Name: Kulinboomara
  • Citizen Adjective: Kulin
  • Adjective Plural: Kulins
  • Abbreviation: KT
  • Government Type: Tribalism
  • Capitol: Woonare
  • Chief: Funazabae

Administrative Divisions

  • 2 Territories

Basic Information

  • Population: 121
  • Largest City: Woonare
  • Location: OTL New South Wales
  • Currency: None (bartering used)


  • Imports: Berries
  • Exports: Feathers, Fish, Weaponry


  • Languages: Woiwurrung
  • Religion: Traditional Mythology

Foreign Relations

  • Alliance: Wurundjeri, Wathaurong, Boonerwrung
  • Enemy: Jaara, Daungwurrung


  • Wars: Ongoing war with Jaara and Daungwurrung
  • Foundation: 1432

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