Dravimos Empire
Orbital Radius 1.7 AU
Radius 7,131 km
Day Length 22.49 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure 1.2 atm
Surface Temp 12 °C
Surface Gravity 1.12 g
Mass 1.09 Earth Masses
Satellites 2
Capital Zera
Native Species Dravimos
Population (Planetside) 8.6 Billion
Population (Space Stations) 2.5 Million

Krysalis is the capital world of the Dravimos Empire and the former capital of the Dravimosian Empire. Krysalis is a major center for military, economic, and scientific activity.


Krysalis is named after the Dravimos goddess of water, snow, ice, youth, and beauty.

Dravimos affectionately refer to Krysalis as "the jewel of the Empire." It is also referred to at times as "the Unblemished One," in reference not to its physical appearance (the planet it in fact heavily cratered), but due to the fact that no enemy of the Dravimos has ever set foot on the planet.

Notable Sites

Krysalis is home to the city of Zera, the capital city of the planet and former home of the current Emperor.

The Dravimosian Imperial Archives is on the planet, and is one of the premier sites of knowledge known in the galaxy.

The sacred ruins of Idaltroas and the nearby tombs of the Kings and Emperors are the most sacred religious sites of the Dravimos.


Krysalis' economy has declined ever since it became the capital of the Empire. Most of the economy nowadays is based on education for matters in government, science, or military tactics instead of natural resources.

What little of Krysalis' exports remain, most of them are manufactored goods, water, and gemstones.

Terrain and Geography

The prevailing terrain of Krysalis is mostly tundra or mountains and many craters on land, and vast, frigid seas teeming with life.

Krystalis Map

Map of Krysalis.


Krystalis Map Seven City States

Map of the Subdivisions of Krysalis.

Seal Kingdom
House of Zera Seal Zera
House of Garma Seal Garma
No flag Reshef
House of Dokuro Seal Dokuro
House of Chakra Seal Chakra
No flag Zorc
No flag Shinato
Dravimos symbol Idaltroas
  • Idaltroas is not actually a kingdom of its own, but rather a neutral territory managed by the Dravimos Empire.



Marine life in Krysalis' seas is dominated by fish and cephalopods, but the main predators are sea serpents, plesiosaurs, eurypterids, and fish similar to Terra's Dunkleosteus.


The skies of Krysalis is dominated mostly by birds and pterosaurs. Birds such as the serapiom are the main arial predator.


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