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Royal Council of the Electorate of Württemberg
Kronrat des Kurfürstentums Württemberg
2nd Kronrat
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Unicameral
Elector Ulrich I
since 7th July 1519
Governor of Mömpelgard Christoph, Electoral Prince
since 7th July 1519
Governor of Tübingen Philippe de Villiers de Rhodes
since 21 August 1534
Governor of Calw Erich von Ehrenberg
since 1st August 1519
Governor of Urach Helmut von Klauser
since 1st August 1519
Political groups      Governors (4)
     Other members (7)
Meeting place
The Somerset House Conference, 1604 from NPG.jpg
Kronrathaus, Stuttgart

The Royal Council of the Electorate of Württemberg (German: Kronrat des Kurfürstentums Württemberg) is the supreme advisory board to the Elector, who presides directly over it. While it holds no real political power, it is a committee of 11 nobles appointed by the Elector which assists him to make decisions regarding issues of national importance.


The Royal Council was originally established as the Diet of the Duchy of Württemberg. After then-Duke Ulrich I declared independence from the Holy Roman Empire and crowned himself King, he dissolved the Diet and formed the first Royal Council, consisting of 11 nobles appointed by him from various places in the Kingdom. The Kronrat was allowed to continue after Ulrich agreed to rejoin the Empire as an Elector.

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