Homeplanet Kreshvana
Sentience Sentient
Language Krashvaka language
Mass 70 kilogram
Height 1,6 meters
Skin color Mottled green
Hair color White, grey, black, brown
Distinctions Four-fingered hands, beaked mouths, long muscular tails ended with bony clubs
Lifespan Average of 200 years, ages up to 1000 have been recorded
Famous members Shal-De-An


The Krash-vaka are a sentient species native to the planet of Kreshvana.

Biology and Appearance

Like most other sentient species in the galaxy the Krash-vaka had a torso, two legs, two arms and one head. Their heads have two eyes, one nose for breathing and smelling, and a mouth for eating and communicating. Their hands have only four fingers. Also, like most species, they came in two sexes, male and female. They have very limited body hair, with only hair on their heads. They have a mottled green skin color. When they grow older, many may walk crooked and use a walking stick. They also have beaked mouths and a muscular tail which helps them to keep their balance. They live relatively long, with a avarage of 200 years, with years up to 1000 have been recorded.

Society and Culture

The Krash-vaka are a peace-loving species that will avoid violence as much as possible. They are a wise and sophisticated species with an advanced form of government. The Krash-vaka are ruled by a democratic technocracy, with the Supreme Administrator as the head of the government. The Krash-vaka strongly believe in equalism for all, they believe all sentient species in the universe are equal, males and females are equal in all terms in their society. They also are also very fond of knowledge and art, and their homeplanet is a prosperous place. Despite their peace-loving nature, in case of high emergency they will defend themselve at all cost. They strongly believe in the virtues of faith, courage, and honor, ironically they share these traits with their long-time enemies, the Zakhanra. Children are always raised by their parents and they are a very familial species. Some of the species are members of the respected Sendi Order, an Intergalactic Organization which studies and serves the mystical energies of "The Force". These members carry a advanced weapon, a lightsaber, the Krash-vaka ambassador, Dzed-get-ke-Wazaq is one of the most revered masters of the order, second only to Joash III