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Map of Antarctica c.1830

A map of Antarctica around 1830 (before the war), showing modern borders. Russian colonies are in green.

The First Russian-K'atharan War, in 1834, marked the beginning of heavily increased Russian activity on Antarctica. It took place mostly in modern-day Bellinsgauzenia, where most of the Russian settlements were located.



When Russian explorer Fabian Gottllieb von Bellingshausen explored the Kingdom of K'athar, he made several treaties and partnerships with the King of K'athar. He had made promises to help expand their empire and defeat the neighboring Z'othor Empire. Bellingshausen and the Russians weakened the Z'othor Empire, and allowed the Kingdom of K'athar to expand their borders. When the Russian colonists created their cities on the coast of the former Z'othor, tensions grew between K'athar and themselves. Eventually the Russians broke their treaties with K'athar, and launched attacks on nearby coastal villages.


Final days


Ultimately, the Russians gained little ground during this war, but they consolidated their hold over their Antarctic colonies; and confirmed their position of one of the strongest powers on the Continent. K'athar was not significantly weakened, but it recognized that the European empires were quickly becoming major rivals.

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