Location of Krabelys Crater

Krabelys Crater (sometimes spelled Krabelys Crater) is a Cold War Crater in Northern Asia on the Belomas plain. It was created in 1980 by The West European Air Force.


Krabelys Crater is located o the Arctic coast of some of the Belomas Plain. It owned by Urolmak and Belomasakafia and is the mouth of the Pechora River.

Krabelys Bombing

In January, 1980 the decision was made to bomb Greater Russia by the Western European Union. They did it in February 1980 using a Swiftbomber 932. It took 72 seconds for the bomb to fall to the ground and it produced Krabelys Crater. It is called Krabelys Crater because Mr. Krabely, a Russian Engineer said wrote a letter to Joseph Stalin in 1951, saying that if a Crater should ever be produced by a man-made bomb in Russia it should be named after him.

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