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Kozcatlan (Alexandra, a new continent)

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Republic of Kozcatlan
Tlacatlahtohcāyōtl Kozcatlan
Timeline: Alexandra, a new continent
Kozcatlan No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Kozcatlan City
Language Nawat, Nahuatl, Spanish
Religion None
Demonym Kozcatec
Government Unitary Councilist Republic
Premier Roberto Fuentes
Currency Kozcatec Peseta

Kozcatlan is a country in Middle Alexandra.


Originally a small territory under the Lordship of Kozcatlan, it was later annexed by the Spanish during the scramble for Alexandra.


Kozcatlan operates under a democratic multi-party system, with a council that takes decisions accordingly to local plebiscites. A Premier is elected every 8 years.

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