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Republic of Kosovo
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Kosovo
Flag of Kosovo Coat of arms of Kosovo
Flag Coat of Arms
250px-Location Kosovo Europe
Location of Kosovo
Anthem "Europe"
(and largest city)
Pristina (Prishtina, Priština)
Language Albanian, Serbian
Demonym Kosovan
Government Parliamentary republic
President Fatmir Sejdiu (LDK)
Vice President Hashim Thaçi (PDK)
Area 10,908 km²
Population 1,956,196 
Independence from Yugoslavia
  declared July 19th, 1990
Currency Kosovan ruble

The Republic of Kosovo is a small nation in the Balkans. Kosovo is landlocked and borders Central Serbia north and eastward, the Republic of Macedonia to the south, Albania to the west and Montenegro to the northwest. The largest city and the capital of Kosovo is Pristina (alternatively spelled Prishtina or Priština), while other cities include Peć (Peja), Prizren, Đakovica (Gjakova), and Kosovska Mitrovica (Mitrovica).







International Relations

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