In 1950 the Americans moved the 7th Fleet into the Taiwan Strait. However, due to an unexpected attack by NK (North Korean) bombers, only a third of the fleet was dispatched because of repairs that had to be made and security concerns. Only one ship was sunk and three ships damaged, but it was presumed that this was the start of a major NK offensive and so the other ships were either positioned to cover coastal areas, began to unload marines and supplies or put out to sea if they were deemed to valuable to the war effort.

The Battle of Taiwan

Beginning on the 10th August 1950, it started with the PRC (People's Republic of China) bombing the US ships in the area and attacking them with submarines. The Chinese attack proved deadly. It was a massacre, all the US ships being sunk or captured except the USS Iowa which escaped to the rest of the 7th Fleet. The Taiwanese fleet was then destroyed in harbour as PRC ships bombarded the island and planes bombed it from above. An estimated 1.5 million people died in the bombardment of the island. All major centres and strategic areas were razed to the ground and a thin layer of explosive trailed the rest of the island. After over two weeks of bombing, 250,000 PRC troops landed on the island and began the inward push. Only 80,000 Taiwanese troops remained after the bombardment and they were quickly over come by the PRC army. There were 15,000 Taiwanese casualties across the west of the island as the Chinese secured the coast. However, in the North the Taiwanese military made its stand. Over 60,000 Taiwanese troops were killed or captured. the PRC sustained 14,500 casualties in the west, but a further 78,000 in the north. Taipei was overrun by the PRC and was completely within their control by the 12th October.

Korean Civil War

Due to the short length of the Battle of Taiwan, the US or SK (South Korean) military did not intervene. However, the Chinese entry into the Korean war was delayed until the 24th October when 50,000 PVA troops entered NK. By this time the US and SK forces had pushed the NK army back to the northern most elements of Korea. Despite Chinese aid the NK lost the war in 1952, officially surrendering on the 23rd June. A massive defensive wall was build along the Chinese-Korean border, with the aid of the Americans. In retaliation the PRC built their own defensive line and made shows of their military with numerous parades and the like.


The Chinese failure in Korea made them look to a more defensive strategy. This meant that when the USA invaded Vietnam on 12th February 1955, the PRC panicked, sending 1.5 million soldiers into Vietnam. The Americans, who controlled most of Vietnam, had only 175,000 troops in the country and were fast pushed back, despite the 500,000 SV (South Vietnamese) troops also fighting. Only 12,000 NV (North Vietnamese) troops participated in the war. The PRC won the war with 400,000 casualties. The US sustained 42,000 casualties, SV sustained 370,000 and NV 13,000. Throughout the war the US and SV fought a defensive war, attempting to hold off waves of attacking Chinese troops. The war left the Americans bitter over the PRC interference and was used as a source for propaganda in the PRC.


Taiwan officially surrendered to the PRC on the 13th October 1950, although due to the massive bombardment the island endured before the invasion, thousand of people moved into the mountains. Resistance against the PRC continued until civilians were forced out of the mountains and the entire mountain range was carpet bombed with remaining people executed in the Winter of 1952.

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