The Korean War, also referred to as the invasion of Manchuria, was a military campaign and revolution by the against a de facto independent Joseon in Korea after months of failed negotiations in 1716.The purpose of the campaign was to capture the Korean army in Pyongyang, demoralize the Kingdom of Joseon, and thus exert powerful pressure to send negotiators to Beijing to sign terms recognizing Chinese power of Joseon/Korea. The campaign resulted in the Chinese capture of Hasong, and further negotiations between the Chinese Emperor and Korean representatives, eventually resulting in the foundation and recognition of the Republic of Korea. This also led to the death of Korean King Sukjong in 1719 following a breakout of sickness.


Span: 1716-1719

Location: Kingdom of Joseon, Tibet

Outcome: Republic of Korea is founded, end of Korean Monarchy

Belligerents: Side 1: Chinese Empire, Side 2: Joseon.

Commanders: Side 1: Emperor Nurhaci, Side 2: King Sukjong

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