250px-Flag of the Korean People's Army svg

Flag of the Korean People's Army from 1932 to 1971.

The Korean People's Army was the land force of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea from its founding in 1948 to its forced dissolution in 1971, coinciding with the annexation of Korea into the Soviet Union. The KPA fought the United Nations force in Korea by itself in 1950, and with the backing of the armies of the Soviet Union and China in the Third World War until 1951, with the signing of the Sao Paulo Peace Accords. The KPA, lead by Choi Yong-Kun, assisted in peacekeeping until 1962, in the areas newly annexed by the Soviet Union, such as the Philippines, Alaska, Hawaii, and British Columbia. In 1971, the KPA futilly tried to defend against the Red Army after it refused annexation by the USSR during the Purge of the Revisionists. After the invasion, the KPA was declared dissolved, and its remnants incorporated into the Red Army.

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