Korean Empire
Flag of Korea (1882-1910) The Imperial Seal of Korea 03
Flag of Korea Coat of Arms of Korea
Map of korea en
The Korean peninsula (above) forms the nucleus of the Korean Empire.

Motto: 광명천지
(English: Let the land be enlightened )

Anthem 대한제국 애국가

(English: "Patriotic Song of the Korean Empire")

Capital Ulsan
Largest city Ulsan
Other cities Seoul, Pohang
Demonym Korean
Religion Buddhism
Ethnic group Korean (72.3%)

Manchu (23.6%)
Han Chinese (4%)
Other (0.1%)

Type of government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  Government National Diet
Emperor: Yi Un
Premier: Pak Jong-hye
Currency Korean ₩ (Won, 원)
GDP (PPP) 1919 estimate
  - Total $37.3 billion
  - Per capita $1,452.5
Gini 38.0


Time zone 9 +(UTC)
Date formats (yyyy/mm/dd)

The Korean Empire (Korean: 대한제국; Hanja: 大韓帝國; Daehan Jeguk; literally the "Great Korean Empire") was established on October 1897 after Joseon (or the Yi Dynasty) ended its status tributary state of the Manchu Qing Empire. One of its Emperors, Gojong, oversaw Korea's partial modernisation under Russian influence. Japan eventually wary of Korea's increasingly successful modernisation attempt. This resulted in its subjugation as the protectorate of Japan in 1905, after Japanese victory in the Russo-Japanese war. After the assassination of governor-general Itō Hirobumi, Korea became a directly-controlled colony through the Japan--Korea Treaty of 1910.

After a massive purge in anti-Japanese politicians, Korea achieved independence on the middle of 1911, and continued its modernisation attempt, though this time it is heavily dependent on Japan, its largest consumer market. In 1917, after growing nationalist sentiment, Korea's government installed its then-exiled "House of Yi", led by the Emperor Yi Un, as its royal family and Korea officially changed into an unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy with real political power being held by the National Diet and the Premier.

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