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Kingdom of Korea
한국의 왕국
Timeline: Washington Shot at Murdering Town!
FlagofkoreaWSMT No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others Manchurian, Mandarin,
Monarch Gojung
Prime Minister name of chief of government
Area area km²
Population 88,000,000 (approx) 
Established 1392
Currency Won
The Kingdom of Korea is a country located in East Asia, wholly on the Korean Peninsula situated between the East Sea on the east and Chinese Manchuria to the west. Organized Korean states has existed at least since 100 B.C, often a client of China. Despite Chinese domination past and present the Korean people forged a unique identity which remains Korea's Joseon dynasty remains the longest surviving royal family to date to be governing a country. Consistently a Chinese tributary, Korea has been at peace since the 17th century with only momentary exceptions for wider Asian affairs. Until the 19th century Korea enjoyed remarkable isolation. Korea became more diverse for the first time during industrialization as foreigners arrived to invest. In the 20th century the largest issues stood between retaining a strict homogeneous or accept diversity for additional clout in a global economy. Progressive reforms usually worked to create a middle ground.

At the present the Kingdom of Korea is among the most advanced members of the East Asian Confederation and the most literate population in the world. The country chief production is in the design of microelectronics and the mass production of traditional arts which have turned into a global novelty. The government of a Korea is a Representative monarchy, with the king sharing power with class based representative houses. The state's religion is overtly Buddhist, in contrast to its own past and the Confucian affiliations of its Chinese neighbor


A haven for Asia's Conservatism 1750-1870

"Overnight" Progressive Reforms 1870-1920

The Confederation and the return of Sangha 1920-1970

One Direction-Many Paths 1970-2000

Government and Politics


Province Capital
Chungcheong Gongju
Gangwon Wonju
Gyeonggi Seoul
Gyeongsang Daegu
Hamgyŏng Hamhŭng
Hwanghae Haeju
Jeolla Jeonju
P'yŏngan P'yŏngyang
Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912)   Members of the East-Asian Confederation   Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912)
Member Nations

Brunei | Burma | Campuchea | China | Dai Viet | Hawai`i | Japan | Korea | Malacca | Okinawa | Pahang | Siam |

Special Members

Kedah | Kelantan | Maguindanao | Mongolia | Perak | Sulu | Terengganu | Tibet

Associate Members

Ethiopia | Madagascar | Witu | Zanzibar

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