Timeline: The True Korea
Old flag of korea No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

One nation, united/한 나라, 미국 (Korean)

(and largest city)
Language Korean
Religion No official religion
Government Constitutional republic
Population 76,197,044 
Established July 25, 1956
Currency Korean won


Instead of the Korean War ending with a ceasefire in 1953, the Korean War lasts until 1956. With help from the Korean War, the south side wins the war. All of the Korean peninsula is united into one country, with the rule of the South Korean government. In late 1957, the People's Republic of China, decides to try to invade the war-torn country in an attempt to gain more land, starting the Sino-Korean War. With help from powerful allies such as the United States and Japan, Korea fends off the Chinese forces, and even gains some of the land that was once part of China. Japan and the United States both invest millions of dollars into Korea's economy. After the fall of the Sino-Soviet Republics, Japan and Korea took the places of Russia and China in the council of five, signifying Korea's place as a world power.


Korea is an economic superpower; making it into the council of five after the fall of the Sino-Soviet Republic. The country is currently in the best economic state out of all of the countries in Asia. It has a large military, an above-average literacy rate. The country also has a large trade industry as well, having many trade partners, the most notable of which being the United States, Japan, and Taiwan.

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