Kingdom of Korea
한국의 왕국
Timeline: Great Empires

OTL equivalent: Republic of Korea, Autocratic Republic of North Korea
Old flag of korea Koreacoa
Flag Coat of Arms

光明天地 (Korean)
("Let the land be enlightened")

Anthem "Korean Empire Aegukga"
Capital and largest city Seoul
Other cities Pyongyang, Busan, Chongjin, Incheon
Language Korean
Religion Buddhism
Ethnic Group Koreans
Demonym Korean
Government Constitutional, parliamentary, democratic monarchy
Queen Yin Sin-ui
  Royal house: Joseon Dynasty
Prime Minister Park Geun-hye
Area 219,140 km²
Population 95,000,000 
  per capita $31,052.63
Established 57 BC: Kingdom of Silla

1392: Joseon Dynasty
1685: Unification of Silla and Joseon

Currency Korean won
Time Zone UTC+9
Calling Code +82
Internet TLD .ko
Organizations United Nations
 The Kingdom of Korea, commonly referred to as simply Korea, is nation, situated on the Korean peninsula in East Asia.

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