Republic of Korea
Timeline: Fatherlands
Flag of South Korea Emblem of South Korea
Flag Coat of Arms
Korea map
Korea in green.

홍익인간; 弘益人間 (Korean,Chinese)
("Benefit all mankind")

Anthem: 애국가; 愛國歌
Capital: Seoul
Language: Korean,Chinese
Ethnic group: Korean
Type of government: Presidential republic
President: Lee Myung-bak
Prime minister: Kim Hwang-sik
Area: 219,140 km²
Population: 73,000,000 
Established: 1945
HDI: 0.872
Currency: Won (₩)(KRW)
Internet TLD: .kr, .한국
Calling code: 82
Organizations: United Nations, Coalition of Axis

Korea, (AKA Republic of Korea, 大韓民國 ) is a country in East Asia. North near China and East near Japan. Korea became independent from Japanese Korea in 1945. It is founded by the provisional government of Republic of Korea in Nanking. Now, Korea is a modern, prosperous country, not bad as Japan but not good as China.



After the Japanese defeat, Korea starting their independent. Many Korean politicians back to their home and founding party or government. Yuh Woon-Hyung founded a People's Republic of Korea and it has controlled many areas of Korea. 21 October 1945, the provisional government of Republic of Korea in Nanking founded the new government in Seoul and got recognize of China, US, Japan and UK. Two government build a united government, and ended the PRoK. Qing Empire has made a puppet government at North Korea when the 3rd coup of Korea. The Korea split to two parts, the Northern Imperialist and Southern Republican like China before 1965. Two Korea has many different parts to let two parts has many conflict.

Korean Civil War

Main article: Korean Civil War

1 June 1955, Imperialist Korea Army across the border between Imperialist and Republican, beginning the war, Imperialist Army sent many division to attack the Republican Army.

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