Republic of Korea
Timeline: Axis vs Allies: Reborn (Map Game)
Old flag of korea Emblem of South Korea
Flag Coat of Arms
Joseon Map
Location in Green
(and largest city)
  others Japanese
Religion Taoism, Buddhism
Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic
President Kim Gu
Prime Minister Yi Pom-sok
Currency Korean Won

The Republic of Korea is a nation located in East Asia.


Korea was made into a Japanese colony in 1905.


  • 1933.5 - Resistance continues against the Japanese occupational forces, although fighting remains scattered and usually one-sided. Aside from military resistance, an intellectual resistance begins with the circulation of Korean grammar and history textbooks, long since banned by the Japanese. Korean children are encouraged to use their Korean names with each other, not the Japanese names forced on them. Meanwhile, the Korean Provisional Government reaches out to the Soviet Union, United States, France, the Netherlands, and Great Britain for help. A wave of suicide attacks begins against Japanese in Korea, aiming against mid to high level targets. Japanese and Japanese supporters are shot and their homes are burned down. A few bombs also go off in Japan, although attempts to smuggle in more assassins is unsuccessful.
  • 1934 - Korea continues to fight against the Japanese oppressors and asks for more assisstance from the world community. Massive casualties have been inflicted on the Japanaese, but large casualties have been taken by the resistance as well. Representatives approach the Vatican to seek help in terms of funding and training against the Japanese.


List of Presidents

List of Prime Ministers

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