Koori Trading Company
Koori Trading Company Flag.png
Type Customs Union
Membership Australian Aboriginal Flag Koori Union

Flag of Mononobe Shogunate Mononobe Shogunate

Gm Ming China

Flagnormandybrittany Normandy

PMII Mayan Flag Mayan Empire

Tino Rangatiratanga Maori sovereignty movement flag Maori Union

Kingdom of Rome Kingdom of Rome
The Koori Trading Company is a customs union that was established in 1685. After the building of the first Koori Union trading fleet, the leader of the Koori Union at the time, Karmai Gelar, set up the Koori Trading Company with the blessing of the Grand Council of the Koori Union. This customs union had the goal of creating a free trade area between the Koori Union and the members of the KTC. It was hoped that this would greatly improve trade between the member states and as a result increase economic growth and create closer ties between the members.


A number of trade vessels were built in the ports of the Koori Union and formed into the Koori Trading Company, or KTC, in 1685. These ships are armed with cannons but not to the extent of the Koori Nuwa, to allow space for resources to trade. The fluent Koori traders were split up into groups to man the various trading ships. The ships crews were made up of entirely experienced Koori sailors, many from the Koori Nuwa, and were armed and armoured with the same supllies as the Koori Yung. They were also the first Kooris to be armed with the Koori blunderbuss, as it was believed that ship based fighting would be extremely close quarters. Karmai Gelar and the Grand Council continued to analyse maps for suitable lands for the Koori Union. The area that they believed would be most suitable next, was the islands off the east coast of the Shogunate's colony to the north. They sent a group of KTC ships, filled with gold from the mine outside of Cadi and other resources from the Koori Union. The trading ships arrived at the colony of 東海道 (Tōkaidō). Upon their arrival, the Koori traders fluent in Japanese introduced themselves as representatives of the Koori Union, and outlined the deal given to them by the Grand Council to present. This deal proved fruitful. As a separate deal the Koori Union also offered membership of the KTC. Shogun Mononobe Akiyuki accepted the membership offer to the KTC, and as a result the KTC accepted its first member state.

Membership Criteria

For a state to become a member of the KTC, a number of criteria must be met, these criteria are:

  • The state must not be in an ongoing conflict, supplying a conflict, or backing a conflict, with any current member of the KTC.
  • The state must not have been in a conflict, supplied a conflict, or backed a conflict, with any current member of the KTC for at least ten years.
  • The state must be willing to provide free access to their ports as well as free docking, as this is the base of the KTC.

If a member state of the KTC breaks any of the above criteria they may be subject to expulsion from the KTC, or if a lesser offence is committed and deemed worthy for action their membership may be suspended for a five year period.

Trade Council

The Trade Council is the democratic body of the KTC. It meets every five years to discuss current issues in the waters that the KTC trades in, along with any issues that a member state would like to raise attention to. This trade council takes place in the headquarters of the KTC in Cadi of the Koori Union.

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