Konstantin Mikhailovitch Sarugin (Russian: Константин Михайлович Саругин) (15 September, 1911 - 5 June, 1995) was a left-wing Alaskan politician and activist, best known for serving as Premier of Alaska for sixteen months in 1965 and 1966, becoming one of two Premiers in history to serve without winning a general election. Known as one of the most passionate liberals of his era, Sarugin was an editor for a left-wing newspaper in the 1940's, finally deciding to run for the Duma in 1949 due to his displeasure with the conservative Yakov Sighovaryin, winning an upset victory over the Duma representative in his constituency and within five-years becoming one of the most outspoken firebrands within his coalition. By the time he assumed leadership of the Liberal Party in 1959, however, he had moved considerably towards the center in trying to attract moderates away from Sighovaryin's Center Party in anticipation of the Premier's retirement. The Liberals made massive gains in the 1961 elections, and after the no-confidence vote of Premier Kirill Osopek in 1965 following the unsuccessful leadership challenge of Igor Golovko, Sarugin stepped in following the defection of the moderates and the collapse of the Center Party. However, he was defeated sixteen months later in 1966 general election, despite working to rebuild the coast following the 1964 earthquake and to significantly reform the national health system and national university system.

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