Konstantin Ivanovich Orlov (2 April 1845 - 28 December 1902) was an Alaskan soldier, general and statesman who came to notoriety during the Alaskan War for his brilliant usage of trench warfare to defend the city of Mikhailgrad from the Americans and for his later career as the face of left-wing opposition to Premier Boris Anasenko until his assassination in 1902, which remains to this day unsolved. Orlov is still cited as a major inspiration for many liberals in Alaska's government, due to his belief in shared communal wealth, stripping the nobility of their power, nationalization of Alaskan resources, expansion of voting rights and protectionist attitudes towards commerce. Orlov is typically cited as one of Alaska's greatest military and political leaders in history, and Konstantin Orlov Square in Mikhailgrad is named in his honor.


Konstanin Orlov

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