Konrad Beck (April 14, 1920 - August 5, 2007) is a former socialist East Prussian politician who served a record term of 14 years (1977-1991) as Chancellor of East Prussia during most of the final three terms of the SDP's thirty-five year stranglehold on the Bundestag. Beck came to power by running against the ineffective Cheminau chancellry in a party election, defeating the old and disillusioned Cheminau on a left-wing platform.

While Beck started his term as an unabashed liberal brought to power by waves of discontent amongst East Prussia's ethnic minorities following the Wilna Riots, he gradually moved toward the center and formed a stronger relationship with the French throne than any previous Chancellor had, further cementing East Prussia's role within the CIC. The East Prussian economy stagnated in the mid and late 1980's under Beck, who lacked the political will to institute much-needed free market, deregulative reforms and work against the all-powerful industrial unions. In 1991, after 14 divisive and controversial years as Chancellor, Beck made public his pending retirement, relinquished the party chairmanship and announced his intention to step down as Chancellor following the election. The SDP was subsequently defeated by KDP-PVP coalition.

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