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In OTL, the Prussians won the Battle of Königgrätz, being the decisive battle in the Austro-Prussian War. Well, what if the Austrian strategy at Königgrätz was different, with the Austrians having a different strategy (As well as some Prussian misfortune), with the Austrians winning the battle and the war.


  • After the Battle of Custoza, Archduke Albrecht decides to drive his forces southwest to seize the bridges across the Mincio, in order to inflict a decisive defeat onto the Italians.
  • Crown Prince Fredrick catches cholera on the 30th of June, and is unable to command his armies to march as timely before the battle. Instead of arriving at 2:30 at the time of the battle, his troops arrive at 21:30 on July 3rd. And, with the sickness plaguing him, is unable to command his armies as efficiently as he normally would. Also, with the fact that the armies have arrived late,
  • Ludwig von Bendeck decides to listen to his corps commanders on issuing a counterattack against the Prussian First and Elbe armies, and inflicts a devastating blow to the Prussian manpower and morale.


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