Komi Republic
Республика Коми
Коми Республика

Timeline: 1861: Historical Failing

OTL equivalent: Komi Republic
Flag of Komi
Flag of Komi
(and largest city)
Language Komi and Russian
Religion Eastern Orthodox
President Vladimir Torlopov
Vice-President Pavel Anatolyevich Orda
Area 415, 900 km²
Population 901, 189 
Independence 1921

The Komi Republic is a nation in Europe. The thick conifer forests are steadily being felled for wood and the local beavers are culled for furs. The local phosphate rock, peat, limestone, marl, ball clay, sand and gravel have been exploited for the last 60 years. The extremely rare mineral volkonskoite, In recent decades minor recoverable oil reserves and deposits of bentonite clays have been discovered. Logging, quarrying, metallurgy and mining are the economize mainstays.

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