Socialist Federal Republic of Koishi
Timeline: World of the Rising Sun
Flag of Koishi (World of the Rising Sun)
Flag of Koishi
Location of Koishi (World of the Rising Sun)
Location in Blue
Anthem "March of the Volunteers"
Capital Ibazawa (OTL Ibagué)
Largest city Sogamoso
Other cities Takarazuka, Hakotería, Bogotaka
Japanese, Chinese
  others Spanish
  others Shinto
Government Socialist Federal Republic
President Xi Jinping
Premier Kazuo Shii
Currency Koishi Yuan

The Socialist Federal Republic of Koishi is a nation in Amazonia. It is bordered by Mexico to the North, Kagiyama to the South West, and Brazil to the South East.


The name Koishi (小石) literally means small rock. It was named after explorer and navy admiral Koishi Nobukata (小石 信方). The name was later adopted by the Republic of Koishi in 1819, after declaring independence from the Soga Shogunate.

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