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Governorate of Kodiak
Кадьякская губерния
Governorate of Alaska
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: PortionsKodiak Harbor after the storm, Alaska 2009 disk 2 129 (2) of the Kodiak Island Borough.
Flag of Cornwall
Flag of Kodiak
Location of Kodiak (Russian America)
Location of Kodiak
(and largest city)
Other cities Three Saints Bay
Language Russian
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy
Demonym Kodiakan
Area 28,028 km² (17th)
Population 833,354 (13th)
Admission 1940
Time zone (UTC-10)
  summer (UTC-9)
Abbreviations KA, AK-KA

The Governorate of Kodiak (Russian: Кадьякская губерния, Kad'yakskaya guberniya), commonly known as Kodiak (Кадьяк, Kad'yak), is a governorate of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. Comprised of several islands in the Gulf of Alaska, Kodiak has maritime borders with Kenai, New Irkutsk, and Shelikof to the north and west.

Russian Sloop-of-War Neva

A painting of a Russian warship in Pavlovskaia Harbor.

The islands have been settled and populated by the native Alutiiq people well before European contact in the late 18th century. The Kodiak Archipelago was among the first places of Russian settlement in North America (with the capital Pavlovskaia being the first capital of Russian America). Much of the early Russian colonization proved brutal, the most noted incident was the Awa'uq Massacre — in which native men, women, and children were killed by Russian settlers.

Kodiak Harbor after the storm, Alaska 2009 disk 2 129 (2)

Boats anchored at Pavlovskaia Harbor.

Throughout the 19th and early 20th century, the islands acted as the political center for the mainland settlements in northwestern Alaska (first under the Alaska Oblast and after 1900 the Kodiak-Kenai Oblast). The Kodiakans resisted communism in neighboring Shelikof (known as the time as the Alaskan Socialist Republic) and sided with the Democratic Republic of New Russia. The archipelago would remain a part of New Russia until 1940, in which Kodiak was incorporated as a sovereign governorate (becoming the first time that Kodiak governed itself alone). Today the governorate retains a successful fishing and tourist economy.

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