Previous Hitler Dies: 1933 (CYOAH)

Using their extensive wealth and power, the League of Anti-Fascist Germans (LAFG) hires an infamous ninja-assassin known as The Iron Shogun, a Japanese man trained in the art being a ninja. The LAFG establish their alibis in public places while The Iron Shogun moves into position; The Reichstag. At exactly nine of the clock at night (Berlin time) the assassin enters the Reichstag, and silently kills Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and several other Nazi party members. He is paid handsomely, and is sent on his way.

With the Nazi's out of the picture, another political group could take control of Germany, what will happen?

Communist Germany

Social Democratic Germany

Anarchic Germany

Jazon Naparleon 05:32, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

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