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Knights of Saint Lazarus
Flag of the Order of Saint Lazarus.svg
"Green Cross" Flag
Motto "Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum"
Formation March 1, 1976
Legal status Active
Purpose/focus Healing, Proselytism
Headquarters Ashland
Official languages English

The Knights of St. Lazarus are an order of hospitaller knights, surgeons, apothecaries and former field medics.


In 1976, on Ash Wednesday, a man named Joseph Watson, in addition to 30 of his fellows declared that they would sacrifice their comforts in life in order to spread the word of god, and to heal the people who were not fortunate enough to live within North Ohio. They pooled what money they had, and purchased equipment and wagons, and began their crusade into Columbus, Mishindo, and Southern Ohio.

Soon, the local Parish declared them an official hospitaller order, and the Knights of Saint Lazarus were born.

Columbus Expedition

The Order's first destination was the Columbus Ruins. This city had not been hit in the war, but had fallen into Chaos and War as supplies had dwindled. Ohioan officials had refused to even look in the general direction of the quagmire. Nearly twenty years post-war, the city was unrecognizable. Topsoil had formed over much of the concrete, and plants grew among permanently parked cars and collapsing facades. Bears, wild dogs, and even Baboons by some recollections roamed the city. The Knights were at first attacked by a party of Tribals, who called themselves Ridgers. The Knight's use of muskets astonished the Tribals, who invited the Knights to Speak with their leader. They provided their message, and their medicine, for which the Tribe was grateful. Many Ridgers joined their ranks, and showed them through the city's more dangerous sectors. Soon after, the Knights came into contact with another group. By the Ridger's nomenclature, they were Buckeyes, but by their own, they were the Student Union.The group welcomed the sight of non-tribal outsiders. The Knights were astonished by the small enclave they had built, and the expedition recruited many Buckeyes as well, in addition to trading knowledge with the Scholars as much as they could. By the time the Knights decided to leave Columbus (after having set up outposts there), they were 60 strong, many of these new recruits warriors or skilled healers themselves.

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