Knights of Saint Lazarus
Flag of the Order of Saint Lazarus.svg
"Green Cross" Flag
Motto "Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum"
Formation March 1, 1976
Legal status Active
Purpose/focus Healing, Proselytism
Headquarters Ashland
Official languages English, Yinzer

The Knights of St. Lazarus are an order of hospitaller knights, surgeons, apothecaries and former field medics.


In 1976, on Ash Wednesday, a man named Joseph Watson, in addition to 30 of his fellows declared that they would sacrifice their comforts in life in order to spread the word of god, and to heal the people who were not fortunate enough to live within North Ohio. They pooled what money they had, and purchased equipment and wagons, and began their crusade into Pennsylvania.

Pressure from many InsCath to make them an official Military Order eventually caused Pope Castus I in 1978 to declare them on official order.


The Knights began their journey in 1976, heading through Khuzby towards Yinzer Territory. They were armed mostly with M1911's, M14's, swords, and for the large majority, Colt Single Action Army revolvers. It is notable that they had very little ammunition, and frequently defaulted to their swords, being entirely privately funded.

When they reached the bank of the Ohio River, they were met by many locals fascinated by their technology and mission, and were able to recruit many disaffected former Catholics. at this point, they had nearly 1,500 men. They pressed on, eventually meeting the large settlement of Arntan, a prominent Yinzer Stronghold. At first, their was tension, and the Yinzers did not welcome the interlopers, meeting them outside the town with a small force of 700. The Knights were not entirely prepared for a fight, and lost nearly 100 in the short Battle, but due to superior numbers and tech, they were able to surround and capture the city. Eventually, the city surrendered, and welcomed the Knights in, who immediately began offering medical assistance and the word of god. Many locals were resentful, but the majority accepted the newcomers.

The Knights of Saint Lazarus spent nearly a year in Arntan, all the while converting the populace. The language barrier of the Yinzers made things uneasy and difficult, but many Knights set to translating biblical texts and preaching in Yinzer. 100 Knights remained in Arntan, with the rest pushing further into Yinzer lands, converting more and more.

In early 1979, word got the the Knights in Arntan that they had been officially recognized, and that aid was coming to them. A forward base would be established int eh ruins of Stuebenville, and the ACC would set up a new Parish in the Region.