Knights Hospitaller
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
Flag-knights of st john
Hospitaller Map Pm3 1421
Map of the Knights Hospitaller
(and largest city)
Other cities Nicosia, Bodrum, Antalya
Language Latin, Italian
Religion Christianity
Demonym Hospitalleran
Government Monastic Military Order
Grandmaster Philibert de Naillac
The Knights Hospitaller were one of the preeminent Christian military orders left over from the Crusades, and last one to maintain sizable territory since the fall of the Templars and the re-institution of the Teutonic Knights into the Empire of Prussia.


In 1426 the current Grandmaster died, making the heir, Vittorio de Luca, Grandmaster of the Knights Templar. Vittorio appointed his heir the following year, Rodrigo Torrez, his lifelong best friend. Rodrigo Torrez took office of Heir to Grandmaster in 1427, at the age of 22. Vittorio who was 29 at the time married Princess Helena of Constantinople, they had four children, two of whom married. Dario de Luca to Princess Katrine of Austria, and Stefana married King Lorenzo of Castile. In 1429 the Knights Hospitaller disbanded, their lands (Rhodes, Cyprus, Tekke, Berat, Raska, Risat, and Pylos) went to their allies. Rhodes, Pylos, and Tekke went to the Roman (Byzantine) Empire. Cyprus went to the Kingdom of Castile. Berat, Raska, and Risat went to the Kingdom of Italy, or at the time the Kingdom of Naples.



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