In the Roman Empire there are many knightly and noble orders awardable to members of the noblity and commoners who distinguish themselves in either battle or for improving the lives of their fellow Romans. Being awarded a knightly order makes a commoner a noble by law. 

Order of the Redeemer

The Order of the Redeemer is the highest order that the Imperial Roman government can bestow upon any individual, awardable only in actions that are deemed to be of the highest honor and work for the betterment of all mankind. The Order of the Redeemer is worn as a star and sash. 

Order of the the Iron Crown

The Order of the Iron Crown is the highest military order that can be awarded. It is only awardable for soldiers who go above and beyond the line of duty in the most violent of situations in order to complete their stated objective. The Order of the Iron Crown is work as a badge. 

Order of the Golden Fleece

Order of the Phoenix

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