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Ogedei Khan, On December 11th, 1241, He who rules the World sleeps soundly. He has drunk with Abd-ur-Rahman, and gained his trust. Thousands of miles away, the mighty Juggernaut of his armies advance, and the knights of Europe are too preoccupied with their own squabbles to notice. Night is to soon fall over Western Civilization; It shall not rise again. Welcome to Knightfall, a timeline where Europe is devastated by the Mongols and never fully recovers, similar to the Middle East after the Mongol conquest. This timeline is a closed-group collaborative timeline, meaning that it is written by an invite-only closed group. We hope that this timeline will combine the best of community timelines and closed timelines.

In Knightfall, thanks to the divided and decentralized nature of Europe, the Mongol hordes rampage throughout the continent, sacking cities in Germany, Italy, France, and Eastern Europe. After a few years, the horde pulls back to Eastern Europe, but not after attacking the weakened Latin Empire, successor to the Byzantines. This leaves those nations in tatters, with their populations utterly destroyed- millions of people are killed in the fighting and the subsequent famines. Meanwhile, the horde brings another menace with it- that of the Black Plague. The two combine to kill over three quarters the population of Mainland Europe. Only the British Isles and the Scandanavian nations survive relatively intact, while a damaged Spain is quickly annexed by various Muslim nations.

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