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Ku Klux Klan
Motto "Today, Tomorrow, Forever"
Predecessor Second Klan
Type Terrorist Organization
Legal status extant
Purpose/focus Eradication of Black People and Immigrants; Promotion of White Protestant States
Headquarters Montgomery, Alabama
Location South USA
Region served South USA
Official languages English
Imperial Wizard David Wayne Hull
Affiliations New Dixie, New Memphis, Piedmont
Volunteers 500 - 2.5 million

The Ku Klux Klan is an international terrorist organization.


The KKK is a white supremacist organization that controls large areas of the Deep South, and holds political sway with many Southern Nations. Nations which support them include New Dixie and Piedmont. The Klan directly controls several cities, including Savannah and Atlanta.

Battle for Bombingham

On May 11, 1963, the KKK had been rallying in Bessemer, and Imperial Wizard Bobby Shelton addressed the crowd, urging rejection of "any concessions or demands from any of the atheist so-called ministers of the nigger race or any other group here in Birmingham"."Klansman would be willing to give their lives if necessary to protect segregation in Alabama", he also said. This fueled the young Klansman to lead an invasion into Birmingham to stage a violent coup. On the outskirts of town, they clashed with the new Black Armed Guard. This conflict is often referred as the Battle for Bombingham.


Each local branch has its own customs; and this extend to flags as well. Most have adopted the official tricolour, designed in 1972, often referred to as the "Cross and Bars".

Despite this, many branches use the old flag of the United States, the Second Naval Jack of the Confederacy, and other flags. Klansman uniform consists of white robes with a tall pointed hood that covers the face. The uniform now also includes standard equipment (which varies from branch to branch), and Klansman are essentially fully militarized.