Kleitos coin

Kleitos in his war helmet.

Kleitos (born 359)is the ruler of Abxa. He is the nephew of Constantine II.

Early life

Young kleitos

Young Kleitos

Kleitos was born in 359 B.C. to Crispus and an unknown mother. Crispus died in battle against Sparta around 355 when Kleitos was 4. Kleitos married a daughter of a wealthy merchant from Archas called Minervina.


Kleitos was top of his class from an early age. When he was 13, he was sent to study with the scholars from Smyrna for 4 years. He returned knowing philosophy and Greek and Persian history and literature.


Kleitos was crowned in 330 B.C. after his uncle died from food poisoning. Minervina was pregnant in Kleitos' first year in power and he is now hoping for an heir. In 329 B.C., his wish came true when Minervina had twins. She gave birth to a healthy boy called Crispus after Kleitos' father.She also had a girl which they named Minerva . Kleitos threw a feast in honor of his son and daughter being born and declared this day a national holiday. Kleitos sent a fleet to attack an island of Esmiria which was taken shortly afterwards. He put up a fort in the new Abian island and established a large naval fleet there. He also built a large warehouse for merchants to trade valuables. In his 4 year of reign, he was dubbed Kleitos the Wise.

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