This is a conference regarding Romania leaving the Warsaw Pact and which alliance it will join. 

Invited Nations

Only these nations may comment on the discussions.

  • Romania (Host)
  • USA
  • USSR
  • France
  • Federation of Americas
  • The United Kingdom


  • Romanian dip: We wait for proposals regarding our leaving of the Warsaw Pact.
  • US dip: As the founder of NATO, we understand best the importance of protecting the free world from the dangers of communism, to which Romania faces from both directions. In addition to giving Romania joint protection from the Warsaw pact through NATO, the US will also provide generous financial support, and panels of economists to help wean the Romanian industry. 
  • French Dip: Paris proposes Romania join the European Union and join France in creating a European Economic Zone to foster friendship and cooperation amongst the European nations.
  • Romanian dip: We agree on both the US and French proposals. However, we want to hear the Soviet response. We also remind the French that we already are observers in the EU.
  • French Dip: Paris reminds romania that this would be full membership and that soon the eu will start undergoing changes in its struture. 
  • British Diplomacy: We agree with France and ask Romania to consider becoming a full member of the EU rather than just an observer. 
  • Romanian dip: We already agreed to this, but thanks. 

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