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OTL equivalent: Most of the Orientale Province, DRC
Kisanganiflag Kisanganiseal
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Kisangani Republic (1983: Doomsday)
Capital Kisangani
Largest city Kisangani
Other cities Basoko, Yangambi, several others
Language Swahili, English
Religion Christian, animist
Premier Merdard Autsai (Last)
Chief Minister Ernest Etula Libanje (Last)
Area 103,000 sq km km²
Population 4,192,000 (Census of 2006, conducted by the WCRB) 
Currency Kisan

The Republic of Kisangani was a country in the remains of Zaire. It was founded in December 1984 after the death of Sese Mobutu, then ruler of Zaire. Though originally a dictatorship, in May 1987, after a short rebellion, it became a democracy. The nation lasted until 2007, when it collapsed following a short civil war. An estimated 40% of the population survived, the rest mostly starving following the collapse of organized government.

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