Flag of the Highlands of Scotland

Flag Scottish Empire

Scottish Empire :

Nova Scotia , Newfoundland , Isle of Man , Sir Lanka South West Africa , West Congo , Kenya , island of Java, Falkland islands ,Bermuda ,Nova Alba, Scottish International distice of Shanghal,

New Caledonia and Bombay

Formally part sof Empire are : northern Ireland , Scotland and Rupert’s land ( before being soled to New Frances and Canada in 1880.


Capital : Halifax (formally Edinburgh before 1917 Red revolution )

Languages of Scottish Empire

- 55% Scot, 15 Scottish Gaelic 20% African tongs 20 % other…


2006 census counted a total population of Scottish Empire 70,238, 892 inhabitants. 30% of the population are from Scottish and Scot -Irish origin, 15% European ,30% South Asian are 20% Black Africans 5% East Asian

History of Scottish Empire

Was form on 1763 from the kingdom of Scotland At the Treaty of Paris, often called the Peace of Paris, or the Treaty of 1763 was signed on 10 February 1763, by the kingdoms of Great Britain, Kingdome of Scotland , France and Spain, with Portugal in agreement. It ended the French and Indian War/Seven Years' War.[1] The Treaty was made possible by the France ,Spain and there Allies victory over British and Netherlands , and marked the beginning of an era of French dominance outside Europe. Britain also ceded the colone of Nova Scotia ,Newfoundland and Rupert’s land to Kingdom of Scotland and the start of the Scottish Empire was Born ….


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