1.King Antione I (1954-1957)

2.King Antione II (1957-1965)

3.King Antione III (1965-1971)

4.King Antione IV (1971-1972.)

In 1972, King Antione IV died of a stroke and was replaced by Prince Antione V in 1975, Three years prior, the prime minister ruled.

5.King Antione V (1975-1984)

6.King Antione VI (1984-1990)

7.King Antione VII (1990-1995)

8.Queen Antione VIII (1995-2001)

9.King Antione IX (2001-2007)

10.King Antione X (2007-2010)

11.King Antionw XI (2010-now)

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