Ivrea/Anscarid dynasty

(Arduinic or Lombard branch)

1001-1014 Arduin I

1014-1061 Pipino I

1061-1077 Arduino II

1077-1084 Pipino II

1084-1094 Azzone I

Susa-Biandrate dynasty

(itself a branch of the Arduinic Anscarids)

1094-1112 Umberto I

Amedei branch of the family

1112-1147 Amedeo II

1147-1176 Arrigo I the City-Razer

1176-1202 Berengario II the Strong

1202-1227 Guglielmo (William) I the Simple (imbecile, under regency)

1227 (civil war)

1227-1237 Roberto I

(Ezzelinians - usurpers)

1237-1249 Ezzelino da Romano (contested, Ezzelino I as self-proclaimed king of Lombardy)

Guidoni (Piedmontese) Anscarids

Umberto III of Rivoli 1237-1241 (keeping this number as king, instead than II, since the Guidoni always considered themselves the legal rulers of all Lombardy, in rivalry to their Amadei cousins)

Umberto IV of Rivoli 1241-1265 (crowned in 1250 as king of Lombardy, largely theoretical title)

Arduino III of Turin 1265- (largely theoretical title)

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