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843-876 Louis the German (II as king of Germany, III as emperor)

876-880 (divided into two sub-kingdoms)

880-895 Arnulf of Carinthia

895-900 Zwentibold (illegitimate)

Ardennes/Luxemburg dynasty

900-905 Regnier the Backstabber

905-922 Wigerich

Liudolfingian (Saxon) dynasty

922-936 Henry I the Fowler

936-973 Otto I of Saxony

973-975 Otto II

975-995 Henry II the Quarrelsome

995-1024 Henry III (*OTL emperor Henry II of the HRE)

1024-1030 civil war, anarchy

Ardennes/Luxemburg dynasty

1030-1060 Frederick I

1060-1062 civil war

1062-1088 Hermann I

1088-1124 Hermann II

1124-1126 Hermann III (civil war, unrecognized)

1126-1137 Lothar I of Supplinburg

Ludwiging dynasty

1137-1140 Ludwig V of Thuringia

1140-1159 Ludwig VI of Thuringia

1159-1160 (civil war)


1160-1197 Frederick II (*OTL Barbarossa)


1197- Lothar II of Bavaria

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