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843-859 Charles III the Bald

859-864 Pepin II of Aquitaine


(an illegitimate branch of the Carolingians)

864-879 Baldwin I Iron Arm

879-918 Baldwin II the Powerless

918-964 Arnulf I

964-987 Arnulf II


(last legitimate Carolingians)

987-990 Herbert I (usurper)


990-1035 Baldwin III

1035-1067 Baldwin IV the Pilgrim

1067-1070 Baldwin V the Rash

1070-1071 Pipin I

1071-1072 Robert I and Robert II (usurpers)

Normandy dynasty

(in both France and England)

William I the Conqueror 1072-1084

William II the Crusader 1084-1103

Henry I Beauclerc 1103-1119

William III le Adelin 1119-1154 (from 1125 Emperor of Magna Normannia)

Henry II the Courteous 1154-1157

Pepin I the Handsome 1157-1161 (usurper, pardoned and exiled)

Henry II the Courteous 1161-1172 (restored, later abdicated)

William IV the Sturdy 1172-1181

Amaury/Amalric I the Great 1181-1202

William V "Le Beau Roger" 1202-1220

Amaury II 1220-1224 (fallen in battle at Peyra-Lada, Burgundy)

Thomas I the Catholic 1224-1232

William VI 1232-1243

Conquered by Mongols, France shatters. Normandy dynasty flees to England.

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