Kings Reluctance

Raising of the flag of the Commonwealth of New England

What Went Right

In OTL the Olive Branch Petition was meant to save the colonies from a war with Britain. But a series of events led to the king rejecting it. Thus in 1776 the American colonies seceded from Great Britain in a six-year fight against the British until 1783. Canada would remain Britain's last major territory on the continent and the United States would become a rural nation along the coast of a unexplored continent, to a global superpower.

The Difference

In this timeline King George III accepts the Olive Branch Petition and grants independence to the colonies in August 1775 as the Commonwealth of New England. The world will be drastically changed. Britain will focus less on grabbing more territory for a bit. France will become a hell hole with no democracy. Prussia will dominate Germany, and Russia will dominate Northern Asia.

What This Means

This is a community timeline created by Mr.Orwell exploring the possibility of the 13 colonies becoming a British Dominion. This scenario was influenced by the many works of a British North America such as the novels The Two Gorges by Harry Turtledove and For Want of a Nail by Robert Sobel and other influences such as The Empire and a small amount of Colony Crisis Averted. For America was never created thanks to the Kings Reluctance.


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