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What if the Pacific Islands never asked or were forced to be colonized by France, Germany or Great Britain?

In this TL they only traded with them, became autonomous protectorates, immigrated and settled in expat communities or assimilated into society.

What if they all stayed sovereign nations or merged into bigger nations in the 1800s?

POD is 1800.

List of Nations (List is incomplete)

  • Wallis
  • Fatuna (Split into two Kingdoms)
    • Sigave
    • Alo
  • Tongan Empire
  • Kingdom of Bora Bora
  • Kingdom of Raiatea
  • Kingdom of Huahine
  • Kingdom of Samoa
  • Kingdom of Rarotonga
  • Kingdom of Rapa Nui
  • Kingdom of Tahiti
  • Niue
  • Kingdom of Hawaii- FACE THE RATH OF THE MECHANIST!!
  • Nauru
  • Kingdom of Fiji

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