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Kingdom of the Lombards
Regnum Langobardum (Latin)
Regno Lombardo (Vulgar Italian)
Regnum Lombardum (Italian)
Könger Winniler (Modern Lombard)

Timeline: Saint Muhammad
Preceded by 568-678 Succeeded by
Ostrogothic Kingdom
Byzantine Empire
Empire of the West
Lombard-Byzantine Treaty SM
the Lombards just before becoming the Empire of the West
Capital: Pavia
Largest city: Mediolandum
Other cities: Fiorentia, Napoli
Lombard, Latin, Vulgar and Regular Italian, Greek
  other languages: Frankish, Gothic, Alamanni
Chalcedonianism, Arianism
  other religions: Judaism, Zoroastrianism
Ethnic groups:
  other: Hebrew
Type of government: Monarchy
  government: King
Area: area km²
Population: population 
Currency: Tremissis, Solidus

The Lombard Empire (Latin: Regnum Longobardum, Vulgar Italian: Regno Lombardo) was a state in Europe. It was born out of the Lombard invasions of formerly Byzantine territory and ended with the Lombard king being crowned Emperor of the West as a subservient to Byzantium.

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