Kingdom of the Elbe
Konigreich der Elbe
Timeline: Romae Delenda Est (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Germany, Elbe and Oder Valleys
Elbe Flag (RDE) Thor's Hammer
Flag of the Elbe Symbol of the Elbe
Anthem "Glory in Battle"
(and largest city)
Other cities Posen
Language Germanian
Religion Germanic Paganism
Demonym Elben
Government Kingdom
Population 175,000 (estimate) 
Established 215 BC
Currency Barter
 The Kingdom of the Elbe (Konigreich der Elbe) is a nation in Central Europe, that is based from the Germanian Tribes, which settled the area. The Kingdom is one of two Kingdoms with a predominantly Germanian population (the other being the Kingdom of the Danube), but is also grouped into the Four Germanic Kingdoms, which includes the Kingdom of the Rhine, and the Saxon Kingdom.


In 230 BC, Dresden, a city on the Elbe, had risen to become a major regional power of a city. So had the city of Posen, on the Warta, a tributary of the Oder. Dresden, which was ruled by the Burgundiones joined together with Posen in 215 BC to start the Kingdom of the Elbe. Other lands were also conquered to expand the Kingdom.

Knowledge of the World


  • Kingdom of the Danube
  • Kingdom of the Saxons
  • Kingdom of the Rhine
  • Cisalpine Gallic Tribes
  • Ruthenia
  • Old Prussians
  • Teutons
  • Dacians
  • Illyrians
  • Frisians


  • Rome
  • Carthage
  • Macedonia

Craft and Weapons

  • Bronze Weapons
  • Increasing Agriculture
  • Large Hunting

Government and Religion

  • Tribalism, Clans, Oligarchies, Monarchies
  • Rumors of: Empires, Republics
  • Pagan Germanic Religion
    • Odin, Thor, etc.

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