Kingdom of the Balkans (Quebec Independence)
Kingdom of the Balkans
Timeline: Quebec Independence
1917-1944 Succeeded by
Flag of Serbia Serbia

And Others

Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Flag of Kingdom of the Balkans Coat of Arms of Kingdom of the Balkans

Један народ, један краљ, једна држава (Cyrillic)
("One Nation, One King, One Country")

Anthem: "National Anthem of the Kingdom of the Balkans"
Capital: Belgrade
  other languages: Serbo-Croato-Slovene
Type of government: Constitutional Monarchy
Currency: Balkan Dinar

The Kingdom of the Balkans was a short-lived monarchy created following the end of World War I. Its territory contained several Balkan nations lumped together by primarily Germany to create a powerful ally. When World War II broke out, the Kingdom was invaded by Italy. The Kingdom initially repelled the Italians, but when France itself invaded the Kingdom, King Peter II was forced to flee to London and the Kingdom was reorganized into four provinces under French rule. Unitarian partisans, reinforced by invading Russian troops, later liberated the Kingdom, but abolished the monarchy. The Unitarian Federal Republic of the Balkans was created, with the name being shortened to the Balkan Union.

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