The Kingdom of the Balkans
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New Balkan Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Blank Map of Europe Axis
The Kingdom of the Balkans in slate blue. Balkan-occupied Polish Slovakia is striped.
Capital Vienna (Monarchy)

Budapest (Judicial)

Bucharest (Executive)

Belgrade (Legislative)

Largest city Vienna
German, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian
  others Croatian, Czech, Albanian, Roma, Slovakian, Polish, Bulgarian, Greek
  others Islam
Demonym Balkan
Government Constitutional Monarchy
King Michael I
  Royal house: Karađorđević-Hohenzollern
Prime Minister Josef Tito (C)
Currency Balkan Dinar
Organizations United Nations, Axis Alliance

The Kingdom of the Balkans, also called the Balkans or the Second Austrian Empire, is a large nation located in Southeastern Europe. It is a major member of the Axis Alliance and a powerful force around the world.



The Kingdom of the Balkans was formed in the climatic aftermath of World War Two. A few years under Communist rule had devastated Austria, and the provisional democratic government elected to join Romania, who had joined the war late and was relatively untouched. The fledgling kingdom gained Hungary and part of Slovakia from Poland when the war was over and CNAT was effectively defeated.


Soon to come...

Balkan Civil War

Iran - Axis War

The Balkans contributed two submarines and one frigate to the Axis invasion of Iran, but withdrew after the Greek Air force devastated Tehran and other Iranian cities.

Armed Forces

The Military of the Balkans is divided into three main sections: The Army, The Navy and the Air Force.


The Balkan Army was formed from the former Romanian Army and various Austrian and Hungarian partisans. It was involved in many important battles of the Second World Wat, such as the Battle of Budapest, the Battle of Odessa, and the Liberation of Vienna.

Today the Army has not dimmed in significance, and is currently on alert for any conflicts that might arise.

Vehicles, Equipment and Weapons

The Army uses modern equipment and weapons to fulfill its task of defending the country. Most of the weapons and vehicles below were developed with the assistance of dissident German scientists.


The firearms below were mainly made for the Second World War, although few actually saw service.

Tank Destroyers

Most of the Tank Destroyers below were originally manufactured by Belgium. Balkan engineers reverse-engineered and improved them and they are now made by the Balkan National Industries Corporation (BNIC).


  • P-01 Luchs
  • P-02 Karakal


  • FP-02 Spinne

Air Force

The Air Force is in charge of protecting the skies above the Balkans.



  • K-01 Adler
  • K-02 Habicht
  • K-03 Falke
  • SZ-01 Albatros


The Biene Helicopter was also first made by Belgium. However, a few small improvements have been made by Balkan engineers. In the Balkans helicopters are made by the Focke-Achgelis Company.


The Navy of the Balkans is in charge of protecting National waters and projecting Balkan influence where it is needed in the world.


Aircraft Carriers

  1. KBS Zalmoxis
  2. KBS Hebeleysis


  1. KBS Atilla
  2. KBS Stephen Dusan
  3. KBS Vladimir
  4. KBS Maria Theresa

Nuclear Weapons

The Balkans are believed to have around forty nuclear weapons, about fifteen of which are believed to be fusion-powered, the rest fission-powered. To date, it is known that the Balkans have conducted seven nuclear tests although information about only two have been released to the public.

Name of the Test Location Yield Date Image
Shot Austria Black Sea 24 Kilotons Austria Test
Shot Hungary Carpathian Mountains 9 Megatons Hungary Test


The Balkans have a high rate of technological advancement but not as good as Great Britain, Germany or the Soviet Union.

The Balkans are a nuclear state and possess both nuclear weapons and nuclear power. They also has a medium-sized but growing space program.

Space Program

Mission Destination and Detail Time frame
Luna Probe Landing Completed
Venus Orbiter Completed
Mercury Flyby Completed
Manned Moon Landing 1990
Mars Probe Landing 1984
Uranus Orbiter 1996
Manned Mars Landing 2010

Administrative Divisions

The Balkans is divided into multiple subdivisions with the purpose of reducing ethnic or religious strife in the country.

Map of Balkan States

Map of states in the Kingdom of the Balkans

State Capital Flag of the State
Albania Pristina Flag of Albania (1939)
Austria Vienna Austria 2 (Nat. 1848)
Bessarabia Izmayil Flag of Moldavia
Bohemia Prague Flag of the Czech Republic
Bosnia Sarajevo Bosniak National Flag in Sandzak
Carinthia Klagenfurt Flag of Carinthia
Croatia Zagreb Flag of Croatia
Dalmatia Split Flag of Dalmatia
Hungary Budapest Flag of Hungary (1915-1918, 1919-1946; 3-2 aspect ratio)
Macedonia Skopje Flag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995
Moldova Chisinau Flag of Moldova
Montenegro Podgorica Flag of Montenegro
Moravia Olomouc 220px-Flag of Moravia svg
Salzburg Salzburg Flag of Salzburg
Serbia Belgrade Flag of Serbia
Slovakia Bratislava Flag of Slovakia.svg
Slovenia Ljubljana Flag of Slovenia
Styria Graz Flag of Styria
Transylvania Cluj-Napoca Transylvania Flag 83DD lg
Tyrol Innsbruck Flag of Tirol
Wallachia Bucharest Flag of Romania

Non-Axis Allies

The Balkans have a few allies that are not members of the Axis Alliance. They are listed below.

Country Capital Flag of the Country
Syria Damascus Flag of Syria
United Islamic Republic Mecca Flag of UIR
Liechtenstein Vaduz Flag of Liechtenstein
Iraq Baghdad Sultante of Iraq flag PM
Kurdistan Flag of Kurdistan
Assyria Mosul

ecret Geopolitical Goals==

  1. Secure the regional power and security of the Balkans.
  2. Obtain, through diplomatic and economic pressure, Italian Albania and the Croatian Islands.
  3. Secure influence and control over Polish Slovakia.
  4. Divide Iraq into three separate countries (Iraq, Assyria, Kurdistan), and restore the Iraqi Monarchy.
  5. Perhaps, if resources and politics allow it, support the independence of an independent Ukraine under a constitutional monarchy.

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