Kingdom of Zulu
New Zulu Kingdom KwaZulu coat of arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Khulu
Largest city Ulwandle Itheku
Language Zulu
Demonym Zulu
Legislature Absolute Monarchy
The Zulu Kingdom is a small nation located in southeastern Africa, and is surrounded by smaller tribes and other natives. The Zulu Kingdom is the largest nation in southern Africa, and continues to expand and subjugate surrounding natives and tribes.


In 1451, the Zulu King ordered the construction of a seaport along the Indian Ocean, so that it would help with international trade and exploration of the surrounding land and ocean. The Zulu Council was established in 1452, to help assist the King in very important decisions. The establishment of the Council would mark the beginning of democracy in the future. In 1455, the seaport is finished, and is called Ulwandle Itheku. In 1458, contact with the country of Oman occurred, and as a result, trade increased between the two nations. The southern tip of a island called Madagascar.



International Relations


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