Kingdom of Yucatán
Reino de Yucatán
Flag of yucatan Yucatan coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Kingdom of Yucatán

Vivir y morir para patria
Live and die for homeland

Anthem "Legado de Mayas"
(and largest city)
  others Mayan languages
Ethnic Groups
Yucatans (77,5%)
  others Mexicans (19,8%)
Natives (3,1%)
Legislature Parliament of CAF for Yucatan
(Parliamentary constitutional monarchy)
King Pakal I.
Population 2 000 450 (in 1966) 
Kingdom of Yucatan (Spanish: Reino de Yucatan) was a state, which was established as puppet state of Central American Federation (CAF) in 1964 on Yucatán Peninsula. It had just one ruler, king Pakal I, which resided in City of Merida. Monarchy was abolished by Mexican imperial powers in 1966, in the end of Central American War.


Pre War events

At the start of the 60´s, CAF started to break up (independence of Guatemala in 1961). Independence was very unpleasant for CAF, because it destroyed plans of CAF for involvement of Belize (British colony) to federation. Congress of CAF was so changing in almost every second year ... It all climaxed in 1964, when was deposed government of bad President Rosário by military. Generals inaugurated former Vice President Casemiro (under President Calborón until 1961). He has started with mobilization of soldiers, because he wasn't recognising Guatemala as a sovereign state. Despite warnings from Britain and Mexico Casimero on 19 July 1964 declared war on Guatemala. Empire of Mexico did the same event, but on CAF.

Formation of Kingdom of Yucatán

Fall of Mérida

Situation of war was for Mexico very bad- on September was Guatemala occupied and annexed by CAF. Few days later was occupied Belize. But, president Casimero didn't want to ceasefire. In the end of September he introduced to Congress his plan to conquer Yucatán. In the first week of October he started "Operation Selva". On 23 October the Army of CAF was near Mérida. On the same day Casimero answered question-"what with Yucatán?"- he declared establishing of puppet kingdom. One day later, Mérida felt. Congress was suggesting to position of king Casimero´s younger brother Eduardo. But in breakthrough of October and November, was as a king introduced present Governor of State of Yucatán- Francisco "Pakal" Felipe Del Bosque. On 6 November 1964 he received in Mérida from Casemiro royal title "King of Yucatán" and crown.

1965- year of repression

In first months of 1965, Pakal I. had to putting together army to support CAF. But people of Yucatán initially hasn't believed to puppet king. Enhanced it was by First Yucatan Army, which in April 1965 was with Army of CAF just few kilometres from Mexico City. But, something changed king´s minds in May. He started with of independence of Yucatán after war. In summer, war started to change. Landing of British in Belize and stronger Mexican Imperial Army, which was motivated personally by Emperor Pedro V. But Casemiro wasn't recognising this situation of his army. Moreover, in Yucatán have started massive processes against occupation. Casemiro on 23 June 1965 commanded great anti-demonstration processes. From this night to start of September was killed over 2000. Now started disputes between Casemiro and his puppet king Pakal I., because king judged those repressions. Invasion to Yucatán, which was accepted by Constitution in case of revolt, wasnt possible, because all soldiers were experiencing hard defeats from the Mexicans and British.